It is like a controlled experiment.

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In hindsight I am glad that someone created Natella. I image it started with some guy saying: “Let’s make spreadable chocolate! Women will kill for it! Easy money!”

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In Hindsight I am happy that I decided to set money aside for the event this past weekend because it helped me keep up with my spending and kept me from spending to much money. I feel like I have learned a valuable lesson and I will be doing this from now on.

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Enjoy the little things

In hindsight I wish I had taken the time to enjoy the little things rather then rush through everything that interest me.

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Internships are valuable!

In hindsight I really wish that I had taken more internships while I was a college student! Now that I have graduated I feel like I am just feeling my way around like a toddler without any real knowledge of where I am going!

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Today the Hindsight 20/20 project graduates from being an undergraduate project to being a graduate project. In light of this event, for today and the following weekend, lets show our support for this years spring graduates by sharing college and graduate hindsight wisdom!

Check out the Events Page for more information!

Hindsight 20/20 graduation

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Laundry Day Rags

I really wish someone had told me (or given me a hint!) that we were going to my surprise party! I would have worn a different outfit!
Instead my sister just said we were going to walmart, so I hopped in the car thinking it was no big deal, wearing the absolute worst non-matching, hole-filled, stained, and honestly kinda smelly laundry day outfit of sweatpants, an old t-shirt, and flip-flops. Hair’s not done, no make-up.
Then we get to the party, and everyone yells ‘surprise!’. Well it was.
There’s everyone standing there in their super-adorable outfits, and I look like an non-cute version of little orphan Annie- in front of all my friends, AND the guy I’m crushing on!
And there’s nothing for me to change into. :(

…I may shave my sister’s head in her sleep. She found the whole thing hilarious.

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Damnit Finals!

I regret that I stayed up all damn night studying for my biology test only to find out this morning that the teacher decided to give us an extra week.

Of course now, it’s on the same damn day as my math final.

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Anime isn’t all that great

In hindsight I wish I hadn’t gotten so into anime when I was younger. I think I’m a worse artist for it’s influence.
Besides, they’re doing so many cooler things with the stylization in American cartoons.

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In hindsight I wish…

I could remember to bring birdseed to the park.

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Game of Thrones

In hindsight I regret not watching game of thrones when it first started playing like my roommate did. Now I am stuck playing catch up and trying to avoid Game of Throne memes / spoilers online all the time.

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Too many to count

I have to many regrets that I am to embarrassed to share. How did I let myself get this way?

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It Gets Better.

I wish Dan Savage had been around when I was growing up to tell me, “It gets better.” In hindsight, I know that the loneliness and fear that I felt was only temporary. I know now that my very conservative family still loves me. I found the woman of my dreams. I can finally see that my crisis of faith wasn’t such a huge crisis after all.

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In hindsight I regret….

Not cherishing every moment with friends and family. Some I will not see again for a very long time. And I still to this day would like to call them and hear their voice and get their advise and hear the words “I love you” one more time.

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Shopping in Thailand

I wish I had bought more when I was in Thailand because everything was so cheap and now that I am home in the US I feel like everything is over priced…

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I wish I would have remembered…

I wish that I would have remembered that the eye doctor provided a free pair of contacts when you get a check up. Unfortunately I just opened a new pair the day before.

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